about Shawn

I learned about cooking at a young age from my mother. being around her while we baked and cooked grew my passion for the culinary world. i was raised by jamaican parents, which i was able to experience life, culture and cuisine of the island. It was the soulful flavors of Jamaica that brought me to appreciate food. Access to Bammy, ackee, saltfish, breadfruit, and all the mangoes I could eat brought this island focus to my dishes as well. 

I LATER FOLLOWED that passion, STARTing this journey IN RESTAURANTS AND LATER attending culinary SCHOOL. WITH OVER 10 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE, I CATER TO ALL LIFESTYLES AND SPECIAL DIETARY NEEDS. Whether it's something new you'd like to try, or an heart-warming classic, we can arrange it. hamilton kitchen provides you with a tailored experience using healthy ingredients to create appetizing meals. i bring a piece of my roots to every meal i create.